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    American Nightmare - Love American

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    she’s a harvard graduate and speaks like 6 languages

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    This is the most perfect thing. Please watch it… It’s very important. It’s only 15 seconds long. You can spare that, I’m sure.


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    a straight line leading to nowhere 

    a straight line leading to nowhere 

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    Anonymous asked: Who are the herd and why are you thinning it? How do you go about thinning it? I jut want to understand.


    the worms. the rats. the fair-weather followers who consume the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others only to regurgitate soulless, mindless, meaningless so called ideas of “there own”. those who don’t take influence and attempt to build off of the works of others but instead just copy with no thought process. those who leech off of the hard work of others just to destroy its meaning. possibly you if you wrote this question. friend-to-alls. cowards. 


    "the fakes they change. they crash like waves. the worms come in droves but only when it rains. 

    put them back in the ground.”

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    giving hope to all the reformed homophobes, in only a few short years you too can become rich off of the gay community! [x][x]

    there are links you assholes, so don’t even try it.