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    the office is such a stupid show i love it so much

    You must be on mushrooms for calling this show “stupid”.

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Yo La Tengo’s “You Can Have It All” single, featuring Amy Poehler on the cover, from 2000’s And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out


    Yo La Tengo’s “You Can Have It All” single, featuring Amy Poehler on the cover, from 2000’s And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

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    I’ll take it

    I’ll take it

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    When the tide came in there was nothing left
    But an albatross hanging from my neck
    And just as you could not contain the sea
    You could not contain me
    — Foxing - Bloodhound (via progressiverainbowman)
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    Anonymous said: weren't you guys talking about the copious amounts of weed you smoked in shark though? weed is what you're talking about in the last post right?





    Honestly our band has been said to out-smoke any other band. It’s like pretty comical. But I’m the only one that doesn’t.

    We’ll challenge that.


    Not challenging that it’s been said, but rather challenging the skills. Olympics.

  9. dollar rose street

    Hot Rod Circuit- Sorry About Tomorrow

    The Menzingers- Rented World

    Crime In Stereo- I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone

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    Remember the days of seeing musicians who created music just to create music? Finding a band with no gimmicks, egos, or sense of entitlement can be rare when being introduced to a new artist the music scene, but the band Hampshire is offering a refreshing light to the ever-changing music scene anatomy.  Hampshire is a band who prides themselves on making music that is genuine and 100% about the music. The band is currently on tour with Pity Sex, Tigers Jaw, and Loose Planes, but Teddy Roberts was kind enough to chat with us about covering The Get Up Kids, the upcoming 7’’ being released, and how Slipknot is a future bucket list tour mate! 

    Stereo Therapy: Currently you are on tour with Tigers Jaw and Pity Sex with your project Loose Planes, how is that going so far?

    Teddy: The tour has been great so far, especially with the first two nights being sold out. It’s awesome to see so many people at these shows singing the words and buying shit. Also, Tigers Jaw is an amazing band and their new record is phenomenal so I’m not surprised these headlining shows are kicking ass. If you really want that behind the scenes shit though I’m currently on the way to Brooklyn drinking an iced latte catching a vibe with my rocker boy Kyle. 

    Stereo Therapy: Being involved in multiple projects for you doesn’t seem to phase your ability to release quality music, what is the most challenging part of having multiple projects?

    Teddy:Thank you for the kind words. I don’t really have any complaints about being in multiple projects. It definitely makes things more interesting and keeps me busy. There are obviously some scheduling difficulties especially when preparing for tours, but I’m playing music so I shouldn’t be complaining in the first place. I’m getting to travel and play a lot more shows than I ever imagined. Also, whenever I’m in the mood to start playing in a band that’s heavily Creed influenced I’ll just add that to the list. 

    Stereo Therapy: Earlier this year, you released a cover of the Get Up Kids song “Shorty”. Would you say that band has influenced your music you create and were able to add your own personal spin to the song and make it your own?

    Teddy:We all love The Get Up Kids. That band was a huge influence on us since day one, so when we got the offer to be a part of the tribute record it was a very cool feeling. As far as covers go in my opinion, I love fucking around with the song and making it your own. If you’re just going to cover it as is, then just listen to the original. We added a spin on it for sure, not sure if anyone likes it, but we do. 

    Stereo Therapy: What can fans expect from the upcoming 7’ that will be released later this summer via Save Your Generation Records?

    Teddy: Lots of rock and lots of gigs. Tony who runs Save Your Generation is one of the coolest guys we know and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an awesome label.

    Stereo Therapy: How do you feel about DIY with music? Do you feel a lot of artists are reverting back to the diy mindset these days in the music industry?

    Teddy:With any creative outlet, if you want to push something very hard and reach larger audiences you don’t have a choice but to do it all yourself unless your parents are rich and you know some guys in Nashville (not 100% accurate). As far as the second question, in my opinion “diy” doesn’t exist in the music industry because it’s the music industry. In my second personal and unnecessary opinion, if you like playing in bands and writing songs and playing shows then have some fucking fun doing it.

    Stereo Therapy: As a band, Hampshire prides itself on just creating music for the love of music, do you feel that gets lost with some up and coming bands?

    Teddy: Definitely. First priority is always have fun and write music you believe in. Second priority for us is to save up in the band fund to buy weekly facebook promotion and new likes. It seems to be working out really well.

    Stereo Therapy:Hampshire’s latest Ep Two Trains is on bandcamp and that seems to be a pretty popular outlet for bands to get their music out, do you feel sites like that are useful for artists to get the attention of potential fans?

    Teddy:For sure. Bandcamp is awesome and especially helps in the promotional aspect of your record. You can see where people are actually buying your record and where they heard of it. Lots of useful information that can be used to route tours and market better PR campaigns and stuff like that.

    Stereo Therapy: What’s next for Hampshire?

    Teddy:Save Your Generation records has some cool stuff planned for us this summer. More details on that should be announced soon. Aside from that, we/re working on locking up a couple more tours and just playing to new people.

    Stereo Therapy:What would be your bucket list band to play a show with if you could?

    Teddy:Slipknot hands down. 

    Stereo Therapy: What has been your most memorable moment so far playing music?

    Teddy:Personally seeing how Hampshire songs have affected peoples lives really is the most gratifying experience for myself. Knowing that these songs we put out have had a positive effect on someones life is really enough for me. 

    Thanks for all the kind words and interest in Hampshire! Very much appreciated.

    Check out Hampshire on these fine outlets:

     Listen and love it here —-http://hampshire2.bandcamp.com/



    -Lisa Kaczmarek