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    Mister muff !

    Mister muff !

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    Loose Planes Release New ‘Unwound’ EP



    Loose Planes have released a brand new EP called Unwound. Stream it below.

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    Pity Sex | Acid Reflex 

    Burned a hole in my stomach. An acid reflex. Got another pill incoming. An acrid redux. Do you love me? Peptic bubbling? Slick and soothing. My acidic need. Sick on alcohol and aspirin. Atomic liver. Slipped a kiss I couldn’t stay for. Anaphylactic shiver. Do you love me?  Peptic bubbling?  Slick and soothing. My need. Filled up. Spilled down. Splitting seams. I’m better now. Ruptured spleen. Plastered frown. Toxic life. I’m better down.  I need love. I need drugs. I need looks. I need God. I need comfort. I need fortune. I need something.

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    “No boxes. No boundaries. No fear. The I AM KING mindset. Dreams in Inertia.”Code Orange

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    We are very pleased to bring you our new song, entitled “SILO”. Check it out over at BrooklynVegan right now (link below)!


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This is how I imagine my college is using my tuition money.


    This is how I imagine my college is using my tuition money.